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Starting to draw a pension doesn’t mean the end of your career. But it does mean you have choices. What you do, how much, who for, how long and when – they now all belong to you.

Retirement Postponed - Ski Lift

Retirement Postponed – An Overview

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You speak English. Couldn’t you teach it to people who don’t?

GE DigitalTwin

After 40 years, the company you’ve built is worth £220 billion. Retire? “Hell, no,” said Jack Welch – “it’s time to get started!”


You’ve had a successful career. Bet you never thought of it as teacher training.

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Some of the myths (or excuses) about hiring more experienced workers.

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Finding part-time work can be a full-time job

old hands in social care

Sociable care – the best people to look after the over 80’s are the over 60’s

teaching an old dog new tricks - learning on the job

Learning new tricks, It’s never too late to begin


Ivan Roitt, 87, emeritus professor, “There was no conscious decision – I just went on working”

Millions may lose promised pension payout

Millions may lose promised pension payout

Man working after retirement

National press article on working after 65 – why such a miserable image?

elegant middle aged businesswoman standing by office window

Make a living from your inner expert


How often does a CV win a job?

laptop etc on floor.ewan-robertson-208022

Tracking down a part-time job online can really be very easy

volunteers for beachwatch and clean our beaches

Volunteers fight it on the beaches – Seaside rubbish

Ladies have a meeting in the coffee shop

These days, women are doing more business in the coffee shop than on the golf course.

non-executive director

Becoming a non-executive director could turbo drive your career

Tech start-up in Korea, EverYoung only employs over 55's

In South Korea, a new high-tech start-up is only hiring people over 55 and proving a point