Non-financial Retirement Coaching

It’s common to make passing comments about what life will be like when we retire and how we’ll have time to do everything we can’t when working but what does that really mean?

You may have concerns such as “What will my retirement look like?” “What do I want to do with my retirement?” “How will retirement feel?”

Karen provides Retirement Coaching as one of her services at KSD Coach. She has a vast experience helping people answer these questions.


In Karen’s experience she feels you value clarity and solutions to:

  • Identify the positive steps needed to develop a purposeful retirement plan

  • Learn what to keep and what to let go

  • Consider how to move on and adapt to your new life

  • Take time to reconnect with past interests and identify new hobbies

  • Develop ideas so you can be as socially active as you wish


Karen delivers this by:

  • Challenging your assumptions about retirement

  • Providing support to evaluate what actions you can take to improve your thoughts about retirement

  • Being your ‘accountability buddy’ to help you convert your vision into reality

  • Helping you to find your own solutions to your retirement concerns

  • Supporting engagement with your future purpose and developing a plan to get you there


Karen’s clients tell her they benefit from:

  • Clarity, someone to listen, help getting ‘unstuck’

  • Confidence building, happier life and future

  • ‘Accountability buddy’ to keep you on track

  • Having a clear vision of what your future will look like

  • Owning a plan, knowing what to do and how to get there


What will your next step to a happier, more fulfilling retirement be?

Karen perhaps can help you answer.

Have a look at her site: