Starting to draw a pension doesn’t mean the end of your career. But it does mean you have choices. What you do, how much, who for, how long and when – they now all belong to you.

Part Time Work

Around 36% of part-time workers are aged 50 plus, and the number aged 65 plus has doubled in the last six years, thanks, in part, to employment laws that prevent employers from forcing their staff to retire when they reach State pension age.

Your employer can’t force you to retire unless there is a valid reason for doing so, such as lacking the necessary level of physical fitness to do your job.

Continuing to work - though perhaps scaling back your hours - may be an attractive option, especially if the thought of endless hours of leisure time terrifies you or you need the extra cash.

There are many agencies out there right now, looking for older workers to fill part-time vacancies, and we shall be adding to this list as we grow. If you hear of anything, let us know: [email protected]




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