Starting to draw a pension doesn’t mean the end of your career. But it does mean you have choices. What you do, how much, who for, how long and when – they now all belong to you.

Working in Care after 60 – it’s only natural

There’s nothing more natural than ageing. Everyone does it. At each stage we all feel the most comfortable with those of our age group and those on either side of it.

So it seems somehow odd that the care of the elderly tends to be handed to the very young. At the same time we hear news about the dire state of social care, especially in respect of the old.

RP is campaigning for a rethink. We believe the best people to care for the over 85’s are the over 60s. And the over 60’s are the generation taking their first steps in retirement, living with the time to do exactly the kind of social care that we hear is missing. What’s more, there are 5 people over 60, for every one over 85, so the burden (if you can call it that) should be able to be spread.

This could be voluntary or paid; either way, there is a need to be filled. While the world is waking up to this issue, here are some ways you could find some highly satisfying full or part-time work.

General care agencies – live-in and by-the-hour

And care work doesn’t have to be limited to the elderly. There are needs throughout all age groups and need types, where you may find the most wonderful niche career opening up for you.