Starting to draw a pension doesn’t mean the end of your career. But it does mean you have choices. What you do, how much, who for, how long and when – they now all belong to you.

Starting a business at 60 – anyone can do it!

If you’re not ready to leave the world of work just yet, or if you’re looking for a new challenge to get stuck into, why not grow your own!

These days it's not unusual to come across a first time entrepreneur over the age of 60. A growing number of people are starting new businesses in later life, using their experience, financial resources and contacts to launch new and exciting ventures.

According to the Office of National Statistics there are now around 1.8 million self-employed people over the age of 50, a rise of over 20% in just 8 years. And a recent survey found that 70% of businesses started by people over 50 survived more than 5 years, compared with 28% started by younger people.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges, but it does seem that the business world is more inclined to accept new businesses from older people these days.

When you’ve decided to found your own company, you’ll need to set it up

will steer you through that, and the best of luck to you from there.