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Starting to draw a pension doesn’t mean the end of your career. But it does mean you have choices. What you do, how much, who for, how long and when – they now all belong to you.

Full time work

Diversity and Inclusion brings very good news to older employees. And mainstream recruitment agencies are increasingly happy to talk to you.

Being over 60 doesn't mean you can’t find a new job or start an encore career. You may be happy for your lifetime career simply to continue; you may feel the time is right to take a new direction, or fulfil a lifetime’s ambition, anything from becoming a lollipop person to a barrister.

There are jobs available for all ages. Finding one is a matter of deciding what you want to do and whether or not you're willing to go back to college or university for a bit of retraining. The Telegraph recently reported that more than 34,000 people over 60 began a new apprenticeship within the last 12 months. That is impressive, and the government has made retraining easier, lifting the age cap for student loans. So you could conceivably go back to school for two years, pick up a new degree or certificate, and then embark on a new career to sustain you as long as you are able and wish to.

This page will provide progressive recruitment agencies a window to present full time job opportunities where people with  30 years experience or more will be actively welcomed and encouraged to apply.


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