Make a living from your inner expert

So the pound has lost value, interest rates are so low that savings aren’t worth keeping and the cost of living seems to think it can go on rising forever. This may explain why so many people setting up new businesses these days are in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Not everyone needs to do this to survive, but the extra income can make all the difference when it comes to paying bills, taking a holiday when you need it, replacing that old car and so on.

Part-time work can help keep your brain sharp and active, keep you stimulated and involved in the outside world – but still leave you space in your week for having a life. Even better, it puts you in charge; you decide what, when and how much you do.

The main question though is, what are you going to go into business to do? You may well find the answer in the mirror.

Ask yourself what it is that you really enjoy doing most of all; sometimes you can build a business idea around that – you just have to be a bit creative.

If your answer is ‘Shopping‘, you could become a Personal Shopper or Style Consultant in the time it takes to put a card in the local shop window or supermarket notice board.

If you’d sooner trawl around the bargains on eBay, you could become an online shop in the space of a few clicks. And if you’ve always collected a specific thing, like china frogs, antique corkscrews, even Bay City Rollers memorabilia – you’ll find the internet can connect you to similarly challenged people all over the world. Next thing you’re the leader of a niche interest group!

Or you can discover your inner expert, something you have become without realising you were doing it,  like making your own birthday cards, hair styling, garden planning, holiday organising, party planning, granny sitting or polishing silver. Even something ordinary like ironing shirts can become an extremely valuable skill in the right quarters – especially in the cities.

Before you start anything though, it’s worth going online to check if there is competition in your area that may make things difficult.