Retirement Postponed – An Overview

Retirement Postponed is all about a generation of active, sociable, intelligent, creative, positive people who refuse to allow age to limit their expectations from life or that retirement should mean the end of any sort of line.

We’ve set out to become an online home for this generation.

Because at any age, life still asks difficult questions.  Until now, the Internet answered by either treating you like a cash cow or a basket case and you’re neither of those.

What you are doing is running your life on shifting sands, taking care of yourself and your family and attempting to plan a future while the goalposts are breakdancing on the horizon; and at the same time trying to get out of life all those great things you promised yourself when you were 20.

RP is here to help you meet those challenges, remain active, stay interested, feel secure, enjoy life and most of all, keep going.

Because, as we say, there’s more to life.


How will it work?

We’re developing the site as a comprehensive information resource. Each of its four themed sections, Work, Money, Property and Life, will be progressively packed with interest, information, updates and analyses, everything you could need as a reference and support for those issues. You’ll find specific details on each of the section homepages.

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With your support we’ll get it right. It certainly feels like the time is right.


The term ‘post truth’ is liberally used in the media to describe the current state of the world. RP is setting out to be an island away from that. It will develop fairly and transparently across every aspect. It will back up all its activities with social media feedback and dialogue on every available format, to make sure that clarity is total.

Most importantly it will be owned by and for the people it is talking to –  not commerce, not corporations.  RP  has been established as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC),  a social enterprise that will use its profits and assets for the public good.

That doesn’t mean Retirement Postponed is anti-business – it will welcome advertising and commercial relationships with all manner of businesses large and small – we’ll just do it openly and non-intrusively.


You’ve arrived at the beginning.

After many months of development, writing, rewriting, designing, redesigning, and endless reviews this site became active in 2018.

Now RP is slipping quietly onto the Internet, in preparation for a launch proper later this year. It’s what they call a soft launch – about as soft as it comes.

We want to grow a fresh community right across the country and across our generation. We will grow as fast and as much as you want us to. To do that we need your support.

Get in touch, say hello, start a conversation; we need stories, posts, reviews, contacts, writers, advertisers, friends, critics, more of everything you’ll find on this site.

It’s never too late to start something new or to be a part of something new. Do get in touch.

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