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The Rausings’ generosity shames our homegrown billionaires


The most effective form of exercise isn’t exercise at all.

Ye Chen Beginner- mikito-tateisi-333584-unsplash

To get more out of life, approach everything as a beginner.

older worker.david-siglin-87978-unsplash

Some of the myths (or excuses) about hiring more experienced workers.


You’ve had a successful career. Bet you never thought of it as teacher training.


What you need to know before investing for your grandchildren


Eat like a chef for less than £20 a week

couple in bed - sleep post

All you need to know about sleep. Call it an A to Zzzzzzzzz….


Is anyone actually prepared for retirement in 2019?


Nettles, the secret ingredient of a beautiful garden.


The ‘granny annex’ reinvented – Scandi-style

30744350 - close-up portrait of old woman sitting at table in his house.

She needs a really good talking to.

Old Lady in Prison

How Japanese prisons are becoming retirement homes for elderly women

GE DigitalTwin

After 40 years, the company you’ve built is worth £220 billion. Retire? “Hell, no,” said Jack Welch – “it’s time to get started!”

telephone box. yifei-chen-275412-unsplash

You speak English. Couldn’t you teach it to people who don’t?

Retirement Postponed - Ski Lift

Retirement Postponed – An Overview

Millions may lose promised pension payout

Millions may lose promised pension payout

Will the kids spend your pension

What will you do when your kids spend your pension?

Man working after retirement

National press article on working after 65 – why such a miserable image?


TV vs Books – which is best for you?

a secure older life - the 3 ladies

5 Ladies over 60 + a £1.25 million house = a secure older life


Can crosswords really be a hedge against dementia?

Pension Living - Never Settle mug

If you can cope with the chaos you could live in your pension

old hands in social care

Sociable care – the best people to look after the over 80’s are the over 60’s

Time - Wrist watch

When all’s said and done, it’s all you’ve got


Venice, a bucket list must

Theres always time to stop smoking

Theres always time to give yourself another chance

4. fresh veg. keit-trysh-295253 (1)

If you are what you eat, you might as well eat fresh

teaching an old dog new tricks - learning on the job

Learning new tricks, It’s never too late to begin

cash in on your record collection

Now you can cash in on your misspent youth

old couple co-habiting

Co-habiting in later life. It’s a matter of Trust

Cupcakes - Take the one-month sugar detox

One-month sugar detox. The why and how

Little House -redd-angelo-21642

Lifetime mortgages – a comfortable way to sidestep inheritance tax


Downsize without moving; split your home in two


Ivan Roitt, 87, emeritus professor, “There was no conscious decision – I just went on working”

office block 1 davide-cantelli-144214

Finding part-time work can be a full-time job


How your house could buy you a place in the country and leave itself to your children

mortgage at 95 - elderly lady with a sun hat

Think you’re too old for a mortgage? Think again

elegant middle aged businesswoman standing by office window

Make a living from your inner expert


How often does a CV win a job?

laptop etc on floor.ewan-robertson-208022

Tracking down a part-time job online can really be very easy


Your guide to understanding buy-to-let mortgages


The perfect pension plan for the under 65’s

Avocado sliced in half

Avocado, the inside outside superfood

Contemporary new-build in Conservation Area Camden Self Build

Contemporary new-build can be fine, even in a Conservation Area.

Garage conversion to a living space

Don’t sell up – move into the garage!

the happiest age group - 3 gentlemen laughing

Happiest age group for adults is found to be 65 to 79

volunteers for beachwatch and clean our beaches

Volunteers fight it on the beaches – Seaside rubbish

Ladies have a meeting in the coffee shop

These days, women are doing more business in the coffee shop than on the golf course.

Speeding fines - Speed Camera

Speeding fines have rocketed! Are you aware of the new rules?

non-executive director

Becoming a non-executive director could turbo drive your career

Invest your money wisely its like a merry-go-round

For worry-free investing, keep hold of one thought, “What goes around always comes back!”

talking to your children about money

How to talk to your children about money


Why Flight Attendants Ask You to Raise Your Window Shade During Take-Off and Landing

eating out lunch

If you’re going to eat out, go to lunch instead of dinner

Gwyneth Paltrow is now selling vitamins that she says can cure an imaginary disease called “adrenal fatigue.”

Gwyneth Paltrow wants to sell you a cure for an illness you haven’t got

Arsene-Wenger retirement is dying

Retirement is dying says Arsene Wenger as he vows to continue

Tech start-up in Korea, EverYoung only employs over 55's

In South Korea, a new high-tech start-up is only hiring people over 55 and proving a point

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