The Dandelion – and why you should be delighted to see it!

Say hello to the dandelion.

Many people call it a weed; and, as we know, many people can be wrong – it’s a friend and come to help you!
When you see one, bear in mind that it’s the ONLY one who wants and can grow in that particular spot.


The reasons:
Either the soil is too compact / hard / downtrodden;  it looks to loosen and aerate it with its roots.
Or there is too little calcium in the soil; it will replenish that with the dying of its leaves.
Or the soil is too acidic, or a mixture of the above; it will improve that for you, given the chance.

It’s here because your soil needs help, and it’s best left alone to grow without disturbance – when everything is fixed, it will disappear again.  You can tell by looking, which stage it’s at.  If the leaves leaves are flat on the ground then it’s far from ready but if they all reach up then it’s already well into its already well into its job.  It’s one of the first bloomers in spring, announcing Spring. When it’s hot during the day, its flowers open, in the cool of the evening they close. If it’s not hot enough during the day they sometimes don’t open at all.


And here are the benefits:

Its flowers are the some of the first food for insects after hibernation and unlike most other plants, has both pollen AND nectar, in generous quantity.
The flowers are also sweet and delicious to eat and used to be known as the  “honey of the poor’ added to jams, sauces or salad – check the internet internet for surprising recipes.

But please  wait until the end of May or later before you start picking them and even then, don’t pick everything; the biodiversity and bees will be extremely grateful.



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