Now you can cash in on your misspent youth

Did you ever wonder if those albums you bought in the 60s and 70s were worth keeping? You could cash in on them

Would you cash in on your record collection? I bought a secondhand vinyl copy of Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland in 1980 for a pound in a street market; someone had sold theirs. Last time I looked, an early pressing of this classic in reasonable nick can be had for as little as £150; good copies fetch up to £500.

At one extreme, you will find vinyl specialists, like Eil who are currently offering a rare copy of the Beatles Abbey Road, one of only four mastered in red vinyl for £49,995!

At the other, you will still find rarities at car boot sales and in charity shops, often for mere pence.

Auctions crop up all the time. General auctions often dispose of personal collections, majors like eBay and Catawiki have permanent sales operational, and now you can find specialist auctioneers like Collectors Vinyl.

However, for most of us, our personal collections are just that, personal. For me, there are some where every scratch and crackle has a memory wrapped up inside it, and I am not parting with those at any price.